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What is Holistic?

The holistic approach means focusing on the patient as a whole in their everyday environment and factoring in nutrition, activity, and socialization to offer the best treatments. We incorporate this approach for all our patients seeking routine preventative care as well as for surgical and medical care.

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Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

The Beverly Animal Natural Health Center was founded in 1998 to offer holistic care for dogs and cats in a veterinary hospital setting. We are located at 409 Cabot Street in Beverly, MA.

Our approach to treatment plans is holistic. We draw from various methods that are available and select with our clients the one that is the best for the patient not only in the short term but long term as well.

Many alternative treatments such as homeopathy and nutritional supplements take longer to achieve effect but offer better results than traditional medications. Our blend of cutting edge technology and resources combined with compassionate, patient driven care makes our work very rewarding. By promoting client education and participation in the medical process, we are able to nurture the human-animal bond and achieve rewarding outcomes.

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April 2014
Our Latest News

Check out our monthly newsletters for interesting news and events, disease highlights, memorials and our new section, Pet of the Month.

The Whole Pet

News and Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

Spring Newsletter 2014

Spring has arrived! Kim planted the pansies last week. The ticks are back on our pets and mosquitoes will be back soon. But we are energized and we are grateful for the ever changing seasons of New England.

The clinic continues to be busy with patient care, fostering relationships with our wonderful clients.

In addition, we have all been doing a bit on the side to keep busy!

Jenna, Kim and Katie went to IVG Hospital’s technician symposium in Natick on pain management, urinalysis interpretation and ophthalmology basics in March. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn new techniques and interact with technicians from other hospitals.

Dr. Ricketts spoke at the Women In Science and Engineering Career Day at Salem State on March 11, 2014. This is an amazing program that I participated in for years before she took over for me. The goal of the program is to introduce girls in grades 6-8 to the careers in science and math that women can excel in. Together, we have been at the program for over 15 years. I hope my daughters get to participate in it in the next few years.

Dr Ricketts and I will also be participating in the annual Veterinary Association of the North Shore Rabies clinics held at the Tower Hill and Fayette Street Fire Houses in Lynn. These clinics serve the community of Lynn in ensuring as many dogs and cats are vaccinated against rabies to help protect the human population. The proceeds from these clinics go towards the scholarship fund for students from the North Shore that are pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine.

Important Feline Rabies Vaccine Update

Due to a manufacturing issue, Merial, the company that makes the only feline non-adjuvanted Rabies vaccine has notified us that the vaccine will not be available for 6-8 weeks from March 1. Here at BANHC, we have used Purevax exclusively for our rabies vaccine for our feline patients due to the risk of fibrosarcoma with adjuvanted rabies vaccines. Click here for more information on Fibrosarcoma

We have a very limited supply of the vaccine left but we are certain that it will last until the back order is over. We will be using the adjuvanted rabies vaccine when our supply of Purevax Rabies is depleted.

Our outdoor cats are our highest risk for possible exposure to rabies but all cats are required to be current on rabies vaccination. Indoor cats can be exposed by a bat, an unexpected trip outdoors. There was recently a case of a woman that was attacked by a raccoon in her own bed that was rabid so sadly, it is a real issue in Massachusetts! Very important to keep our pets protected so that do not act as a source of rabies.

Good News

Seresto CollarWe are now offering the Seresto Collar for both dogs and cats. Not like your old flea and tick collars that were laden with chemical residue and odor, these have cool technology that allows them to be safely worn in households with children and other pets.

A sustained release occurs over eight months. They are a great collar at a great price with a $20 rebate. Please come by to pick one up after reading about them at

Sentinel Special Offer

To protect your dog against not only heartworm but hookworms, roundworms and whipworms, check out the deal with purchasing two six packs of Sentinel: $25 back to you! Please come by the office to purchase. We can also mail to you. Offer is good until next March.

Dental Tip of the Month

greeniesGiven up on home dental care? Have a very squirmy dog? There is no substitute for brushing teeth but sometimes it is just tough! There are some products that are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council that you can see their seal of approval on.

The most popular is Greenies as well as CET dental chews. As with any chew toy for your pet, please make sure they are observed when they have it. Bones are too hard for our pets to chew on as they risk fracturing a tooth.

For cats, it is possible to use a q-tip with toothpaste to brush the teeth. The friction from the q-tip can help with plaque build-up. Inexpensive and disposable!

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam