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What is Holistic?

The holistic approach means focusing on the patient as a whole in their everyday environment and factoring in nutrition, activity, and socialization to offer the best treatments. We incorporate this approach for all our patients seeking routine preventative care as well as for surgical and medical care.

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Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

The Beverly Animal Natural Health Center was founded in 1998 to offer holistic care for dogs and cats in a veterinary hospital setting. We are located at 409 Cabot Street in Beverly, MA.

Our approach to treatment plans is holistic. We draw from various methods that are available and select with our clients the one that is the best for the patient not only in the short term but long term as well.

Many alternative treatments such as homeopathy and nutritional supplements take longer to achieve effect but offer better results than traditional medications. Our blend of cutting edge technology and resources combined with compassionate, patient driven care makes our work very rewarding. By promoting client education and participation in the medical process, we are able to nurture the human-animal bond and achieve rewarding outcomes.

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February Newsletter

Happy February….month of love…and dental health. Both should be practiced daily!

As pet owners, we are so fortunate to have unconditional love from our dogs and cats on a daily basis. As humans, it is something that we don't always take the time to appreciate it. In these hectic times with kids, work and pets, some of us may not often take the time to just relax and spend a few minutes with our pets never mind brush their teeth. BUT….and it’s a big BUT…don’t you want to make the best of what you’ve got?

I recently saw the quote “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”. It resonated with me as I juggle work, managing the office, being a wife and a mother of two great girls with passion for soccer, skiing and snowboarding. Didn’t help a whole lot to break my right shoulder while skiing in December. Fortunately, I have a great connection to an awesome orthopedic doctor and a fantastic staff that have helped me be efficient and sure does help to be ambidextrous!

In dealing with our pet’s health, there are certainly things we can control and other things that, well, come on by surprise. I am not a control freak (not all the time!) and I see plenty of instances where we can definitely control things like nutrition, exercise and overall wellness in their environment. Other times, illnesses and other natural aging conditions can throw a wrench into our plans.

Pet dental care is one of the things we can control and is quite simple in most cases. One needs to just think of our dental care. It sure is a lot better than it was for people even just twenty to thirty years ago. With advancements and education in human dental care, there are now eighty year olds that have teeth vs dentures! Our kids have beautiful smiles and are healthier with oral health care.

Think of a pet and how important their mouth is. Not only do they eat with it but they also use it to groom, pick up things, and play. A healthy mouth is so helpful to a healthy body. Home dental care is brushing your pet’s teeth daily. I say it’s similar to teaching a young child to brush. Paste with taste and make it fun! Yes, there are some pets that may not be compliant but starting young and using some simple tips can really make a difference. Read more.