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What is Holistic?

The holistic approach means focusing on the patient as a whole in their everyday environment and factoring in nutrition, activity, and socialization to offer the best treatments. We incorporate this approach for all our patients seeking routine preventative care as well as for surgical and medical care.

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Emergency hospitals are open 24 hours a day if you need medical assistance when we are not open.

Essex County Veterinary Referral Hospital
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Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

The Beverly Animal Natural Health Center was founded in 1998 to offer holistic care for dogs and cats in a veterinary hospital setting. We are located at 409 Cabot Street in Beverly, MA.

Our approach to treatment plans is holistic. We draw from various methods that are available and select with our clients the one that is the best for the patient not only in the short term but long term as well.

Many alternative treatments such as homeopathy and nutritional supplements take longer to achieve effect but offer better results than traditional medications. Our blend of cutting edge technology and resources combined with compassionate, patient driven care makes our work very rewarding. By promoting client education and participation in the medical process, we are able to nurture the human-animal bond and achieve rewarding outcomes.

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April 2014
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The Whole Pet

News and Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

Happy Summer!  Here is the latest on news and information at the office.

We are excited to introduce a few new staff members.

After an extremely successful career in the fields of marketing and advertising, Mike recognized his passion for animal care and joined the BANHC team as a veterinary technician. Originally from Michigan, he has lived in Los Angeles and New York City before moving to Massachusetts. Mike currently resides on the North Shore with his husband Chuck, a loving beagle named Gracie and two amazing cats named Gus and Lola. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, the theatre, entertaining friends and lazy weekend afternoons by the pool.  Mike is taking veterinary technician courses at North Shore Community College to become a certified veterinary technician.

Olivia is our college pre-vet student. Born and raised in Beverly, Olivia is pursing Pre-Veterinary with a concentration in Biology at Holy Cross. She also plays hockey for Holy Cross.

Her love for animals and fascination in science has influenced her desire to be a vet. In just the few short months at BANHC, we have sealed that desire!



In addition, we have also been happy to have Dr. Becky Schoenberg helping us out a few days over the busy summer.

Dr. Becky Schoenberg was born and raised in New Jersey, but considers herself a naturalized citizen of Boston.  She moved up here to pursue an undergraduate degree at Tufts University, went on to get her DVM at The Ohio State University, then returned to New England, where she's been practicing as a small animal and relief veterinarian for over a decade.  

She shares her home with her husband Arnis, two spoiled kittens, and a rescued ball python.  

When she's not practicing medicine, she enjoys baking, gardening, fiber arts, and is an avid reader.



We did say goodbye to technician Katie as she left to continue to pursue her Animal Behavior studies full time through The American College of Applied ScienceWe wish her well and hope to be able to refer to her some day for our clients.

Bark!  Meow!  How to be your pet’s best advocate.

Staying healthy is so important these days and it is not something that just happens.  It takes time, energy and focus for both us and our pets.   For our pets, they depend on us for almost everything including the nutrition they receive, the exercise they get as well as the rest.  When they have needs, they depend on us to fulfill them.  When your pet is not acting right, it is vital to evaluate the situation.  There are a number of basic questions we ask to judge the situation: 

How is their appetite?  Water consumption?  Are they  lethargic/tired?  Is there a possibility of any toxin or medication exposure?  Do they have any other health issues?  Are they on any medications or supplements?  (Be sure to know the name and the dosage of any product or prescription.)  Have they had any significant past medical history?  

When you have a concern about your pet, we ask that you call the office to get our recommendation.  With our trained technicians answering the phone, we can determine if and when you need an appointment for your pet or home recommendations that can treat the issue.  We encourage you to follow-up with progress reports on your pet.  Good news is welcome anytime!

If you ever do have to seek emergency care on a weekend or evening, be sure to give the other hospital our contact information so that we may be kept up to date about your pet’s condition.  Dr. Ricketts and I also take turns checking messages on weekend between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.  No emergencies are handled on weekends but if you have a concern that does not require emergency care, leave us a message with a phone number and we will do our best to get back in touch with you.

For emergency care, the following hospitals in our area are open 24/7:

Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn 781-932-5802

Bulger Veterinary Hospital in North Andover  978-725-5544

Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston 617-522-7282          

With the Vetconnect Idexx website, we can also email you the results of your pet’s lab work when requested during business hours.  This can be of great value if you have a pet that has ongoing medical issues and may require a trip to the emergency room.  Just call the office or request this at your pet’s next visit.


These days it is possible to call, text, email, fax, voicemail, instant message, FaceBook, tweet, and still we can’t always seem to connect. Here at BANHC, we prefer the simple phone call and in person communication.

When we cannot answer our phone, we give you the option of leaving a voicemail with your phone number and we’ll call you back as soon as possible. As a reminder, we have the doctor’s call-in time each weekday from 1:30-2:00. This is a great time for a short conversation to update us on your pet’s condition, ask questions about diet, exercise or follow-up about a health issue.  After any surgery or procedure, we ask you to call us by 9 a.m. the following day. Our staff loves to receive good updates!

Drug shortages and issues continue

Good news is that the feline Purevax rabies is back.  Please call the office to make an appointment if your cat is not up to date.  Rabies is required by law for our feline patients.

The lastest issue with medical supplies is a shortage of fluids for our patients! The veterinary field has always used fluids made for humans.  Recently, the manufacturers have had issues keeping up with demand as well as recall issues.  Fluid therapy is so important for dehydrated and surgical patients. They can be life saving for those that have ingested toxins.  We are working with our distributors to keep our supply on hand to meet the needs of our patients.

We encourage fluid intake at home. Just like us, many of  our pets do not drink enough water got best hydration.  

Here are some tips to encourage best hydration:

  • Feed canned food to your pet.
  • Have an extra water dish in the home. Maybe in a bathroom or family room.  Cats love to drink out of that glass by the bedside table.  
  • Ice cubes are also fun and safe to give our pets.   The recent news story about the dangers of ice cubes is false.  

We also have Pep-Up tonic by Honest Kitchen.  These packets make up a nice broth that can help animals that may have lost their appetite after a bout of vomiting and/or diarrhea. You can also use salt free chicken or beef broth as a liquid or fun ice cubes on a hot day!

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed:

Lizzy Boucher

Boris Brennan

Blossom Caron

Lucky Cavallaro

Boo Clark

Zoey Daley

Fletch Davis

Pepper Donohue

Triston Donnellan

Tiki Drinkwater

Abu Finnie

Lilly Fitzgerald

Nova Fitzgerald

Frank Godbout

Normal Hall

Azizi Hebert

Nixon Johnson

Banjo Koury

Acey Jack Larkin

Silky Letterman

Chloe LoGrasso

Cooper Noga

Gracie Post

Binx Rezza

Peek-a-boo Savageau

Oreo Smalley

Mystic Szatkowski

Xena Tate

Zeus and Zorro Vasilopoulos