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What is Holistic?

The holistic approach means focusing on the patient as a whole in their everyday environment and factoring in nutrition, activity, and socialization to offer the best treatments. We incorporate this approach for all our patients seeking routine preventative care as well as for surgical and medical care.

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Our preferred emergency hospital:

Blue Pearl

180 Bear Hill Rd
Waltham MA 02451

For other emergency hospitals available, please click here.

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Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

The Beverly Animal Natural Health Center was founded in 1998 to offer holistic care for dogs and cats in a veterinary hospital setting. We are located at 409 Cabot Street in Beverly, MA.

Our approach to treatment plans is holistic. We draw from various methods that are available and select with our clients the one that is the best for the patient not only in the short term but long term as well.

Many alternative treatments such as homeopathy and nutritional supplements take longer to achieve effect but offer better results than traditional medications. Our blend of cutting edge technology and resources combined with compassionate, patient driven care makes our work very rewarding. By promoting client education and participation in the medical process, we are able to nurture the human-animal bond and achieve rewarding outcomes.

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September 2014
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News and Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

Fall Newsletter at BANHC

Temperatures dropping, leaves falling. Another New England fall is upon us. With kids going back to school, now grades 7 and 5, it is somewhat my New Years.

I think of all the things I could/should be doing as I should have so much more time now the kids are back in school and I don’t get to play on our days off together like we did over the summer. Quickly that time is consumed by extra days spent at the office, soccer coaching, recycling and running Box Tops contests at their school. Grateful for it all.

Some of the things at the office that ARE part of my New Year’s Resolutions…..

  • Getting the front façade and windows of the clinic redone. The project has still not started and may now be done in two phases but I sure hope we get at least new windows before winter comes. If you have had to sit in the waiting room on cold winter days and keep your jacket on to stay warm, we sure do hope this will change with new double thermal paned windows. We will remain open during construction and will clients with the progress on our Facebook page.

  • Have a 24/7 365 day a year emergency referral clinic that will work with Dr. Ricketts and I as partners in getting what you need for care when we are not here to take care of you or if your pet needs advanced care. At this time, we are working on a new relationship with BluePearl in Waltham.

    Even though they are in Waltham, the extra ten minutes beyond other hospitals we hope will prove its worth. Dr. Ricketts and I have high expectations for how we want our patients cared for and communication with our colleagues. With BluePearl, we have been able to pick up the phone and speak directly to a doctor. They also have a policy that they do not internally refer unless they speak to us.

    For specialty services such as neurology and ophthalmology, we will still be utilizing Dr. Gena Silver (Neuro) and Dr. Clara Williams (Ophtho) at Massachusetts Veterinary Hospital in Woburn. We will continue to always do our best to follow-up with any of our patients that have received care elsewhere so please do make sure that you give the other hospital our contact information. The IVG Hospitals (Mass Vet Referral and Essex County Emergency Hospital) as well as Angell Memorial will still be available for our clients but BluePearl will be our preferred hospital at this time.
  • Introduce Dr. David Abdinoor as our new in house surgeon for advanced mass removals, lateral suture repair for anterior cruciate repair and other procedures that we can have done in house for convenience, comfort and cost. He completed his undergraduate studies at The University of Rhode Island and earned his VMD from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Abdinoor received his surgical training at Guelph University in Ontario Canada. He was also a faculty member at Michigan State University.
  • Update several sections of the website to update current training recommendations, information and resources.
  • Get some continuing education for myself as well as the staff to keep up to date and excited about what we can do for you and your pet. Dr. Ricketts will have just spent a weekend at the New England Veterinary Medical Association Conference in Portland, Maine by the time this newsletter gets out.
  • Swim and FinInstall an on-hold message system that will entertain and educate you while you are on a “short” (we strive) hold.
  • Continue to invest in the local Veterinary Community and the North Shore. Dr. Ricketts and I were at the 2nd Annual Veterinary Association of the North Shore Golf Tournament at Ipswich Country Club to raise scholarship money for local veterinary students. BANHC also sponsored the Salem Sound Coastwatch Swim and Fin for our local waters!

As always, we appreciate you as a client and we enjoy taking care of your pet. Please call us if there is anything we can do. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful fall and keep healthy!

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam